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Communicating is hard.

Communicating your message, story, and vibe can be tricky. At Cookson, we’re problem solvers first, everything else second (except maybe communications). So tricky is kind of our thing.

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NH Tech Alliance

For nearly a decade, we’ve been supporting the NH Tech Alliance with all aspects of design, production, marketing, public relations, social media, event management and event support.

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“Earn as you learn” is the main message of ApprenticeshipNH. We were tasked with developing a marketing plan and brand that highlights the new opportunities offered by this workforce-strengthening initiative.

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Orion Entrance Control

Orion Entrance Control, Inc. manufactures entrance security for some of the world’s largest companies. To take their materials to the next level, they engaged our team to up their visual game.

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What a TikTok Ban Means for Social Media Marketing

What a TikTok Ban Means for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Although we’ve seen the rise and fall of social media applications and platforms before and we’ve even weighed the pros and cons of new social media tools like Snapchat for businesses, the current state of TikTok is a bit different. However, we can share a few facts and tips for your marketing strategy. What Is… Read More »

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Reaching Out to a Remote Workforce featured in NH Business Review

Reaching out to a remote workforce

Internal communication is critical in the new workplace and requires businesses to rethink how to communicate with employees. Remote work was the norm for a few already, but with the changes in 2020, it’s now become the reality for many employers and employees. Although working remotely has its benefits (flexible work and short commutes), it… Read More »

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