Imagining how we’ll do business in New Hampshire after Labor Day

May 11, 2020
Matt Cookson | Imagining how we'll do business in New Hampshire | NH Business Review

Rather than focusing on the current situation, I’d like to focus on the ways in which we’ve connected and communicated and how that will look in the future.

As a community, we’ve adapted, and we’ve learned a few things about one another along the way.

We’ve learned resiliency. We’ve learned humility.

And, most strikingly, we’ve learned to relish personal contact with one another.

We’ve tuned out the incessant barrage of communications from brands peddling their wares. When it’s all back to normal, we’ll do business with those who stayed with us through hard times and even went the extra mile.

Read Matt Cookson’s full article, “Imagining how we’ll do business in New Hampshire after Labor Day,” featured in New Hampshire Business Review.

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