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Matt Cookson | Imagining how we'll do business in New Hampshire | NH Business Review

Imagining how we’ll do business in New Hampshire after Labor Day

Rather than focusing on the current situation, I’d like to focus on the ways in which we’ve connected and communicated and how that will look in the future. As a community, we’ve adapted, and we’ve learned a few things about one another along the way. We’ve learned resiliency. We’ve learned humility. And, most strikingly, we’ve… Read More »

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By Cookson Communications
May 11, 2020

3 Ways to Communicate Effectively

Hannah Coen-Salamanca uses Star Trek to explain three tips for how to communicate effectively beyond your “cage” and help you communicate effectively.

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By Hannah Coen-Salamanca
January 10, 2020
Matt Cookson | Media Relations Rule 1 - Know Your Audience

Media Relations Rule 1: Know your audience

Strategic media relations requires more than creating compelling content. It also requires delivering and customizing it to the appropriate target audience. For example, geography is a significant factor in media relations. If a company in Nashua is announcing an expansion, more often than not, the Portsmouth Herald or the Concord Monitor will not pick the… Read More »

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By Cookson Communications
December 20, 2019
Matt Cookson named one of the Granite State's Most Influential Business Leaders

Matt Cookson named one of the Granite State’s Most Influential Business Leaders

New Hampshire Business Review honored Matt Cookson during the inaugural New Hampshire 200 Reception event, which recognized the most influential business leaders in the Granite State’s private sector. The New Hampshire 200 list is the product of a year-long research initiative to highlight and learn more about the leaders from every region of the state… Read More »

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By Cookson Communications
October 31, 2019
Matt Cookson | A Return to Storytelling

A return to storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most engaging ways to share information digitally through blogs, social media, self-publishing and even video. The really good stories get repeated and shared because they resonate with people. Proper storytelling should be a priority in your communications strategy and not an afterthought. Read more about Matt Cookson’s expertise with this… Read More »

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By Cookson Communications
September 13, 2019