Government relations services for companies, trade associations and non-profits 

Effective advocacy is more than just arranging meetings. It’s knowing who to see, when to meet, what to say, and which solutions to suggest. Changing public policy is more than introducing a bill. It’s changing public opinion. Your issue is important to you. We raise its visibility so others think so, too. Here’s how:

  • Legislative counsel and advisement
  • Legislative strategy implementation
  • Coalition building through engaging networks
  • Negotiating policy language
  • Navigating regulatory agencies and relationships
  • Relationship building with policymakers and legislative leadership
  • Executive branch association
  • Monitoring and tracking legislation, and scheduling and drafting testimony

Need to rally support around an issue or campaign?

The natural affinity between government affairs and communications means successful legislative efforts require solid and consistent communications. We design and execute strategies to educate multiple constituencies inside and outside of government.