Visible results for companies of all sizes

Gears only work in concert with other gears - a metaphor for effective communications mechanics reliant upon each of its components to work seamlessly together. We work with clients in many industries, with a special focus in education, technology, healthcare, energy, and nonprofit/association management.

For young and growing businesses

New customer segments, product launches, demographic targets, core messaging on the web and through social media, and attracting and retaining talented employees are all part of the exciting – and sometimes stressful – phase of growing your business. We provide help with strategy, execution, or peace of mind knowing you’ve got a deep bench of communications experts on your side.

For large companies

When your marketing and communications department is overtasked, you have a special project that requires outside advice, or you need specific expertise, we’re only an email away. Cookson Strategic Communications also manages marketing operations in a broader context; in fact for several years, CSC President and CEO Matt Cookson ran communications for Antioch University’s five campuses with help from his hand-selected team of project managers, marketers, creatives, and writers.

For nonprofit organizations

You have to run lean, be focused and effectively serve those who support you. This requires consistent messaging and outreach, but you may not have the staffing resources to handle it all internally. Because we work fast and smart and know how to repurpose and deliver messaging to target audiences, we regularly work alongside many nonprofits to enhance their operations, manage events, and reach a larger audience.

A sampling of the brands we love working with