The agency’s resident writer, Jen creates unique, authentic and persuasive communications that break through the millions of messages consumers see and hear every day. Whether distributing them in person or through public relations or social media outlets, she makes sure you say – and your audience hears – the exact right thing at the exact right time.


Jen is a passionate communicator with more than a decade of experience in marketing, public relations and writing for audiences both online and offline.  Her background includes news reporting, copywriting for the web, content strategy and digital marketing, with a special focus on community relations. Jen studied journalism, communications and anthropology, disciplines that ensure her work is factual, goal-oriented and personal. She is skilled at crafting strategic, authentic and consistent messages that achieve client goals while delighting customers and stakeholders, and has extensive experience in the healthcare and renewable energy arenas.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in journalism and communications from the University of Connecticut, with a concentration in anthropology. Jen also completed an archaeological field school certification in Mashantucket, Conn. and a government relations training program in Washington, D.C.


Writing. Whether creating content for online audiences in 140 characters or in-depth research reports and recommendations, Jen is happiest with a pen in hand or keyboard in front of her. She is a lover of Internet culture and social media, and manages online efforts for a local roller derby league, where she also skates competitively on two teams.