There’s an old adage that says coffee tastes better when served in a beautiful mug. Image matters as much as message. That is Dia’s philosophy for business and corporate communications; she has the ability to find the underlying inspiration and the story beneath the story to get to the heart of what makes audiences act. Reporters and CEOs alike adore working with her because she’s kind, smart, and gets things done.


Part creative, part analytical and entirely efficient, Dia is the rare communications professional who can see the whole picture as well as the smaller components that make up a company’s brand and image. Her background includes roles as the director of PR and communications at a private New England university, marketing and communications at a regional hospital system, and operations and marketing at a multi specialty surgical center, giving her a holistic understanding of corporate communications, marketing, promoting brand quality, and creating a strong public brand reputation. She is a member of the Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester’s board of directors and a past member of the NH Ambulatory Surgery Association board of directors.

Education: MBA in business administration from Southern New Hampshire University. She completed a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in marketing from the University of New Hampshire.


Incorporating design into all aspects of professional and personal efforts. Nobody likes something that doesn’t look or feel quite right, whether it’s a website redesign or a new haircut. Dia, who maintains a keen eye through hobbies like interior design, makeup, hair design and photography, has the gift of improving the esthetics and authenticity of anything she works on – from editing copy to styling a spokesperson for the spotlight – and everything in between.

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